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Renewable Energy: Powering Business Growth

Unlocking Sustainability and Profitability

Are you looking to invest in renewable energy to increase profitability in your business? Not only is renewable energy a sustainable option in the long run, it can also save you money. Although fuel costs have started to stabilise, they remain high, which is squeezing profit margins for all businesses. Read on to find out the benefits of investing in renewable energy.

Increase Profitability

While the initial installation cost may be high, over time, businesses can save money on energy costs. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power have lower operating costs once installed, offering more stability and predictability, helping businesses forecast their energy expenses.

Generate Energy Independence

With the right renewable energy system, some businesses can generate 75% or even more of their energy needs. Massively reducing their reliance on external energy providers and volatile fossil fuel markets.

Environmental Responsibility

Pressure to hit environmental targets is growing as political and consumer influences demand action in a bid to avert climate change. Adopting renewable energy demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This can enhance a company’s reputation and brand image, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and investors.

Types of Renewable Energy

SOLAR – One of the most popular options for businesses in various sectors. Solar panels can be installed on the roofs of buildings such as farm sheds, farm houses or industrial units. They can also be ground mounted on any spare land (with planning permission). Any surplus energy that is generated can be stored in a battery to be used when energy demands are higher.

BIOMASS – Another popular option, especially for businesses in the agricultural sector. Around 8% of UK farms use or supply biomass fuel in the form of tree trimmings, an energy crop, crop residues or by-products such as chicken litter. Woodchip, or pellet-fed boilers are generally the most convenient option for on-site heating. These fuels are often much cheaper than traditional fossil fuels like oil or gas.

OTHER – Other types of renewable energy include: Wind, heat pumps, Hydro and Anaerobic Digester.

Looking to invest?

At AG Credit, we have already supported many businesses in securing finance to purchase Biomass Heating systems and Solar Panel systems. Why not spread the cost of the initial investment, and claim back any tax benefits you may be entitled to when purchasing solar panels or biomass heaters for your business? Get in touch with us today!

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